William Martin

William Martin

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are utilized for short term re-positioning of the property prior to stabilization of the income and expense stream to secure a permanent loan, add partners and dispose of the property. Any number of factors are in play when a bridge loan is required by the borrower.

Some examples of a property in need of a bridge loan include: 

  • Incomplete ownership
  • Investor capital needed
  • Occupancy rates are low
  • Tenant improvements are needed
  • LTV, DSC and credit can be other factors.
  • Construction is required.

Usually, the borrower will roll the bridge loan into a permanent loan after the property is sold or stabilized to support the proposed debt service

Our bridge loan partners consider the borrower and proposed improvements in order to structure the loan to provide sufficient time and funds for the success of the borrower and property. In some cases, our lender provides a permanent loan after the bridge loan period. In other cases, the borrower needs money fast and our lending partners expedite the process for a fast closing.

We have options.

The loan programs provide flexible financing for the following property types:

  • Multi-family
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hotels/ Motels
  • Office
  • Storage
  • Flagged gas station c-store
  • Land for development

We operate throughout Arizona.

Call Bill for rates and terms 520-241-0969 or send me an email billm@madera.com.



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