William Martin

William Martin

Required Documents

Personal Documentation

  1. All pages of 3 years personal tax returns including copies of W’2 , 1099, and K-1 statements
  2. Complete 1003 loan application and real estate addendum on line
  3. Copy of driver’s license and social security cards
  4. Most recent bank statements, brokerage accounts, and retirement accounts
  5. Most recent pay stub


Additional documentation applicable to transaction

  1. Copy of purchase agreement and earnest money receipt
  2. Copy of most recent mortgage statement billing
  3. Property insurance company declaration with premium amount
  4. Divorce and separation agreement
  5. Gift letter and bank account from which the funds are provided
  6. Real estate tax bill
  7. Rent roll
  8. Year to date profit and loss


Business Documentation for corporations, L.L.C.’s and sub-s corporations

  1. All pages 3 year tax returns including K-1’s
  2. Year to date profit and loss
  3. Copy of most recent mortgage tax bill
  4. Copy of lease agreement
  5. Rent roll