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William Martin

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Fix and Flip Loans

Madera Financial provides hard money Fix and Flip private investor loans looking to acquire residential and/or commercial properties for the purposes of fix and flip. One of Madera Financial's goals is to help you hold on to as much capital in your pocket as possible.


Below are the conditions for our Fix and Flip loans:


Type:  Fix and Flip Private Investor

Loan Amount:  $50,000 and up

Loan-to-Value:  Up to 70% of the "As Completed" appraised value

Loan-to-Cost:  Up to 80%. Hold back for construction

Loan Term:  12-60 months

Origination Fee:  Customary 3-5% minimum $5,000. Inspection fees

Borrowing Entity:  A bankruptcy-remote Special Purpose Entity may be required

Recourse:  Full recourse

Amortization:  Typically, interest only


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