William Martin

Realtor and Mortgage Broker

Realtor and Mortgage Broker

I am asked many times how I am able to sell real estate and provide loans. The answer is simple. In the state of Arizona one must be licensed to sell real estate and licensed to provide loans. I am a real estate broker and mortgage broker. Why, how can that be. Simple. If you qualify for the licenses in Arizona you can provide both services provided full disclosure is provided on the sales contract. FHA forbids a lender acting as the broker on the same transaction. I have 37 years of experience as a lender which is first and foremost in my business. Real Estate is an ancillary service provided for convenience.

Can I work with real estate agents and provide a loan. Absolutely, we do it all the time. Do I steal their clients? No we never do that. It is unethical and violated the relationship with the real estate agent. Instead of the fear factor getting in the way, I can be very valuable in a mortgage broker-realtor relationship.



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